Welcome to the Blissful Now & Here

This is my second Blog. The first I had was about my Artwork and my thoughts and experiences on my and the worlds spiritual journey – named ascension – to the higher energy levels. I started that Blog a year ago. So much has changed in this year – the incredible 2012, indeed a year like no other. I am a person of constant transformation. This year gave me a feeling of enough fresh air to breathe. It was tough, no question, the solar flares, all the incoming energies were no light meal. It brought up the deepest and most hidden emotions, it cleaned our genetic from shocks, fears and thought patterns that we inherited from our ancestors, it activated our DNA and set free information, etc.. It was a busy year, but as I watch out of my body’s eyes into the moment and find how much has changed into better, I am at absolute peace with all the efforts that the process brought with it. Now that the 21st shift happened and set free new possibilities, the work goes on.

I have no plans for this blog yet. I made the experience that it is impossible for me to post every day. My every days tasks keep me busy. I also think it’s no part of my ‘lightwork’ to do a blog, I just love writing. My work is very untouchable, I wash unloving and harmful thought patterns out of the human collective (and a few other similar things). But I haven’t got a ‘go’ for the idea of stopping to blog. I had the feeling… yeah, I had a feeling πŸ™‚ I can’t tell what it means yet. But I started a new blog so the energy is fresh.

It simply is a ‘now and here’ and we will see where the journey goes,
keep moving



8 thoughts on “Welcome to the Blissful Now & Here

  1. Visiting you again here…
    I think a lot of people empathise with you (me included) in the sense that blogging is part of the journey but its not the journey itself, if I may put it that way. It should be a happy-free-form-activity where there’s no strict self-imposed rules. Posting daily just for the sake of it, means nothing to me.
    We can explore our writing abilities, we can connect with like-minded people and absorb all the benefits of it, and we can learn and evolve so much with one another. As you wisely day: “Now that the 21st shift happened and set free new possibilities, the work goes on.” – so perhaps being more aware of the beauty of blogging is part of that work, as well.

    Love & Light,
    Tree Spirit

  2. I appreciate your words and also feel the heart of them in mine. I poetry blog nearly everyday. It has become one of my daily practices. I just allow what spirit wishes to move with me into the words. I look forward to your sharings.
    love and light

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