Animal Totem

Note: this is the second post I write about this. I wrote a huge text about this experience yesterday, but I made a mistake and now all is lost *sniff*. It fits to the topic, such a transforming experience… I hope this post will be even better. wonderful friend of mine came up with animal totems. She is absolutely amazing with giving me new things to think about. I wonder if I ever spent a minute thinking about totems, could be but I can’t remember. So I got this link from her: Shamanic Meditation – Find your Totem Animal

I made the meditation right away and found it very nice. I saw a few animals but only one came up completely unexpected. I was sitting at the waterline of a beautiful sea when a little penguin jumped into my view making a sound like ‘arrrr’. It looked at me like the one on the first picture you can seeI was sitting cross-legged on the grit ground when it hopped on my legs and with its chest against mine, its beak behind my right ear and with its wings it flapped against my arms. A hug from a penguin I guess, *smile*.

I guess it must be my totem for a long while, because I love them for many years now. I watched a movie about the penguins that live on the Antarctic (they live all over the southern hemisphere but the closer they live to equator the smaller they are). I was totally nuts about them from the first movie scene on.
What do you think, does the animal totem change (when its job is done for example), or is it by ones side all the life?
Can one have more animals, or is only on possible(/common)?

The next day (yesterday) I searched for an explanation about penguin totems and found this. I have the feeling that it might be not the best text, but it wasn’t bad. And it is the only I read yet. I quote the part that touched me most:


The penguin is the animal of great sacrifices. Penguin teaches the values of fasting, sacrifice and abdication. Sometimes we need to do it for others, but mostly we need to sacrifice many great things in our lives to make ourselves better people. Penguin cannot stress this enough, it is its primary lesson, we MUST sacrifice in order to become better people – and these sacrifices are hard. Penguin says ‘it is not a sacrifice if it is easy.’

The lesson

Then I took off into the day to do my job. As much as I remember I didn’t think about it until a walked back home in the late evening. I stept out into the darkness, starting my walk up the hill. When I reached the stairs I wanted to walk up, there was a young couple on their way to the stairs. My inner guidance asked me to go straight on and take the next stairs up. I wasn’t allowed to walk behind them. Shortly after I spontaneously followed the advice without even thinking about it, I heard this cute sound ‘arrrr’ and then the sound of its quick steps on the cold, wet ground. Then the little clown made appearance on my right side. I dropped all the thoughts I had in my head and gave all my attention to the symbolic appearance in my energy field. Note: I didn’t saw it with my physical eyes. I rarely can do that. Mostly I ‘see’ such things with my energy field and all the information composes pictures in my brain. I watched it running along my side and cared not to walk too fast. It had to rush anyway and still it had a joyful excited look on its face. The way its wings were waggling and its head was moving with the beak pointing up, it looked very euphoric and active. From time to time it looked at me, giving me an ‘arrrr’. I was so amazed about my escort, feeling heart warmed and looking at every move it made. When I reached the second stairs and walked them up, my inner guidance asked me to shift my focus into my inner, into my heart and to look at my totem there. That I wouldn’t be open for its messages and teachings otherwise (what obviously is true). So I shifted my focus into my heart center. Where my thoughts were for the next moments I can’t tell. I was back on my spiritual expedition a few houses later, after I once turned to the left and once to the right. I gave my attention to my chakras. I went through them spending a few seconds feeling each of them. My heart chakra, third eye, creative center, high heart chakra, Gaia connection,…. and the gate up to the higher dimensions. I walked on reaching an area with a good energy. Might be because it is a park-like place with many trees that pronounces that the forest is near. I got aware about my desire to meet my starfamily and  spoke out ‘I open my heart to my galactic family’ a sentence I got recently in a meditation where I received energetic updates that prepared me for their energy vibration. ‘Take a walk in the forest’ one answered my call. But I was like ‘Oh no, I want to go home, my body is tired’ Then he ordered me to leave my track and walk a few steps to the left on a little parking area where no street lamp was shining on. After a short hesitation I followed the order and got a stunning beautiful view over the city and its lights. I stood there for a short while, enjoying. I walked this path before but I never even lifted my head while walking to experience this magic. Because I took this few steps to the left, I found myself in front of a little track instead of the pavement.  I walked on and suddenly I found my self ‘in the forest’ at least between a lot of trees, as much forest as was possible. I breathed in the feeling of the open ground underneath my feet. I walked on feeling a euphoric… at least a little. The next beautiful view I had a few houses later on the right side. I saw the sky in the most beautiful night blue, the moon was smiling and the clouds were as perfect as only the wind can paint them (I tried often but I never could copy natures art). I wished to see a spaceship and my gaze fell on an airplane that was passing underneath the silver moon. A key moment… hard to describe. I felt my unsatisfied desire to see a real (non human-made) spaceship. A part of me was wondering if I should just pretend it was one and no airplane. In short, I felt myself longing for different feelings and happenings, when my inner guidance mentioned the penguin sacrifice. I shortly thought about it and the next steps I took, I was completely aware about the fact that all, the whole situation, everything I saw, is illusion. My higher self compared this feeling, this awareness/awakeness with Jesus walking on water. I wonder if Jesus wanted to symbolise this point of ascension with his action. The rest of my way home, just a few houses down the street, I spent releasing. If I learned something then that it pays out to give everything that you can to make your captive balloon lift up into higher frequencies. Finally I even released my penguin friend.


To set a cherry on this hopefully good tasting cake of a post, here is a cute video with funny penguins.

You find the source of the pictures by clicking on them.


2 thoughts on “Animal Totem

  1. what a beautiful experience you had, Filla! as i was reading through your post i could see your higher heart completely opened, expanded and vibrating to a beautiful turquoise in colour 🙂 i have no doubts you are transmuting all carbon based body and becoming crystalline in structure and if you havent completed this yet, it will be very,very soon!
    and thank you for the part that concerns me, i smiled and felt a bit emotional 🙂

    Love you loads ❤

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