Take Time and watch it grow

My raven cards told me to slow down and give myself time to learn and grow.
So I didn’t force myself to go into the city. I stayed in my Yoga outfit, I reminded myself again and again to breathe deeply and to be open. My interest to find out what new would come in because of this hadn’tΒ  to wait long.
Some areas in my living place have a new order.
A new flow of energy and ideas, too complex to explain.
Some new answers to everyday’s questions, too private to share.
And this post of course πŸ˜‰ , are some ofΒ  the results.
I have to say this is nothing new to me. I know that the best ideas come to the surface only if you are open, free and in flow. But you might know that, as much fun it is to be in this state, it isn’t always easy to get there. The mind uses to say ‘But this has to be done now’ and isn’t tough enough to trust that it could work in a more complex, uncontrolled way. It is a thing about going out of the mind into the heart and universes flow, about living the moment, as it often is these awakening days. What a luck that it needs less and less effort to do things a new and different way. As more people do it their way, the less each one has to work against a storm of collective ego fear.

Keep going.
Much Love

Today’s question: Do you like the flower, the new header?


6 thoughts on “Take Time and watch it grow

  1. I have to say the flower is very fitting to your blog! I, too, share your thought on being in the moment and being open. This is when your brain has the most capacity to be inventive and creative as you have freed it of the many thoughts it tries to hold on to constantly. Hard to stay in that moment for too long but practice helps. At least that’s what I am counting on πŸ™‚

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