Shift of Communication

It is awesome to watch how communication or even just people’s acting and reactions are changing.
I noticed for a while now that many people I see when I’m in city have a new look in their eyes, they care more for each other, they speak out what they really feel inside, etc. They start to sparkle.
And also I make very interesting experiences with people who come to me and ask questions or just want to talk. Today I met an old lady with little blue eyes, lots of beautiful laugh lines and a few teeth missing. She came to me as I was waiting for the bus, asking me to help her fixing a problem with her walking frame. (I’m used to such things because I was taking care of my Grandma for a long time.) And because she mentioned that it isn’t that easy for her to get into the bus, especially now that it snows, I took care she made it. She started talking about everything that came into her mind. Operations, doctors, that her mother left her when she was two years old because Lady was the result of a love affair the woman had with a soldier who ‘just walked off with his panzer’ and she was a member of a rich family that didn’t want such a child, Lady talked about people she lives with in the nursing home, a special silk blouse that she ordered and it sadly wasn’t fitting so she had to send it back, etc. I had the feeling me listening to her gave her a calming feeling. I bet she had no idea that I’m conscious about the fact that the whole universe listens through my ears and sees through my eyes, but I often have the feeling that people feel it in their deepest inner and that it makes them feel understood, seen and heard. I helped her out of the bus as she achieved her aim, and yes I admit I was glad to be alone again but I was touched and honored to get Lady’s trust and such a look into her heart.

This is a part of my Lightwork.
And just an example that inspired to write this post. Maybe I have another story to share soon. πŸ™‚

Much Love

Do you make different and surprising experiences with stranger people too?


6 thoughts on “Shift of Communication

  1. Hi,
    This was a lovely story to read and one of pure Lightwork. Thanks for sharing.

    I have had similar situations and when I was reading yours here my mind immediately transported me to a recent one which happened around the beginning of December last year.
    I was walking home from work at about 6pm, it was dark and rainy. I was wearing a hooded waterproof jacket and could hardly see the pavement. Suddenly I was approached by this foreign couple in their 50s who could hardly speak any English. They were looking for directions to go to the local Health Centre. Someone had told them to go in the exact opposite direction (God know’s why!) and they sensed that something was not not right. So they decided to stop and not carry on walking until they asked someone else. Me.

    I walked with them near to the front door of the said local Health Centre. We managed to walk under the cold rain just briefly talking how bad the weather was etc just small talk. Suddenly the man started calling me Angel and I liked that compliment. The walk was slightly out of the way to my home but it didn’t bother me at all as I knew exactely where their destination was. When we got there they deeply thanked me and… the man said that I had been their Guardian Angel on that day!

    This had an enourmous effect on me because not only I was feeling on cloud 9 for helping someone (in particular strangers) but also because I had just started reading about Angels/the Angelic Realm/Lightwork etc

    I have had some very interesting Angel Oracle card readings recently which tells me about being a Lightworker…

    Love & Light,
    Tree Spirit

    • Wow thank you for sharing this πŸ™‚
      You make such fulfilling lightwork experiences when you’re in flow and follow your heart/inner guidance that brings you where help is needed. Moments where you might be the only one who can help.

      Love πŸ™‚

  2. You did a nice thing … spending a few moments with the old woman. If more people took the time, as you did, the world would be a far better place than it is. D (Pairodox Farm – guy)

  3. all the time. and Bless you…for taking those few moments to make her feel loved. I give people walking rides all the time, mostly because I remember having to walk myself a while back, and it rains here A LOT! but sometimes, I feel the urge, as a nagging nudge from God, and whether He’s telling me to or not, I have been known to make U turns to go back and ask anyway, even if they aren’t obviously hoping to be picked up. Its on my way, and really, I have the empty seat next to me, so why not?
    but when I give them rides, it’s like they just start rambling, they are SO happy to have someone be kind to them, they automatically know you’re kind and will listen…and I absolutely love the giant smiles I get.

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