A new Header every Month

I just had a nice idea. I’ll update the header of my blog the beginning of every month and put a new photo on.
I have a Canon EOS 1100D. I’m still pretty much an amateur but I think my photos look nice anyway 🙂

Now I post the momentary picture so you can see later what it was.
It is a Spiraea japonica. I took the photo in the garden, last summer.
You can be excited what comes next 🙂 You’ll see it on february 1st.

Much Love

[Here you find all following months >2013>2014]

© Fillandra


8 thoughts on “A new Header every Month

  1. Hi,
    When I read the title of your post I had to smile… because I tend to change my Header image almost everytime I log in! Lol!
    Depending on my mood.

    I think refreshing the way a Blog looks is a must.

    Looking forward to see your next pic. This one is wow!
    Oh by the way: thanks for subscribing my blog. 🙂

    Love & Light,
    Tree Spirit

    • I thought simply changing it, isn’t as special as when others are aware about this happening.
      I’m trying to make an event out of it. And it is a cool way to present my photos. 🙂

      Lots of Love

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