Self-made Soap Holder – Creativity on a boring Saturday Evening

I want to share more of the craziness in my unique life :). So I just start with this post and a spontaneous creation.
Do you know that problem, you use your soap often and then it gets strangely creamy and breaks into pieces, that doesn’t look good?     We bought a new soap today and my flatmate noted that the soap started to soften again and that we should buy a soap holder.      In the evening when I was terribly bored, walking through the flat, wondering what I could do, I thought about many things and came across the challenge of helping the soap with things we already have at home.  For drying, it is best if the soap rests on something that has not much contact to it. I first thought about something with four spikes and then I had a flash of inspiration. I made an item out of the blue aluminium wire which I bought once just because I love blue so much ^^. It’s very flexible, I just cut off two pieces and bent it with my fingers.

© Fillandra

© Fillandra © Fillandra

Looks like a spider from mars, doesn’t it? 😉
The soap is with chai spice, I think. At least there was cinnamon and star anise printed on the package. The ingredients were written in french, so no idea 🙂 But it smells good. Natural cosmetics, as I prefer.

Hope this was fun and inspiring for you 🙂

Much Love


6 thoughts on “Self-made Soap Holder – Creativity on a boring Saturday Evening

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  2. What about if you had a go on a similar piece of art but as a real soap dish? I think you have en eye for artistic adventures… so why not? 🙂

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