Winter Wonderland

First of all, thank you, for all your clicks and likes yesterday and welcome to my new followers! You broke all records! Thanks a lot!

So now it’s time for the other pictures that were possible february headers. As I said in the Happy February post, I was out two times to find a nice snow shot for this month. I went for the forest-path photo because I was able to cut out a piece so the header is not so big, but now I show you another beautiful shot that almost won the match. I love this pic!

© Fillandra

And now we go on with the photos of my second trip. The giraffe wasn’t for choice to become the header but it’s too funny to hold it back.         Click on a photo to open the gallery.

Much Love


4 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. Your header choice is definately the best one!

    Oh by the way… I forgot to wish you Happy February!!!! My birthday month actually.

    May the Winter Light always shine through your beautiful dreams!

    Tree Spirit

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