Hello to all you beautiful Suns out there,

today I’m in writing mood.  But I don’t have a big topic going through my head right now, so I decided to simply share my blissful day. Right now it’s 11 pm CET and after I’m ready with this I’ll go to bed.
So today I started my day at 8.15 am. After breakfast and a shower, I went looking after the flowers and the letter box at grandma’s flat. Then I went on into the city, actually just wanting to buy a jacket and some food and water. But I followed my inner guidance which brought me to a store for artist supplies. Walking through the people on my way to it, I suddenly felt totally at peace. At peace with my body, with being in this body and illusion, I felt one with my higher self. I just talked to a friend about that yesterday, that I wish to feel that peace, that I don’t know if I ever felt it before. So, yay, creation works easy these days 🙂 .

At the Art Store I finally found something where I can put my coal painting stuff into. And a pink window marker as well as white scissors for the kitchen because all the time there was one missing here (In case what I bought is interesting 😉 ).

Then I went and bought the jacket, it’s flashy green and fake leather. Don’t beat me, but I’d love if it would be real leather. I know the fight about if leather is right or wrong. I don’t eat animals, but others do. I wouldn’t want an animal to get killed just to have leather. As long as they get killed anyway, I like real leather. Sure I’d rather like if no one would kill animals for anything. That’s up to the people, I don’t want to tell anybody what to do. I cannot know what experiences they need to make in their lives. Nobody can know that about someone else.

Then I went to the organic food store. I made some shards by letting a jar fall :/ But people say shards bring good luck :). Tomorrow I need to go there again because I forgot the beetroot, apples and the almond milk.

In the evening, between 7 and 8 pm I decided to make a cake and a bread. Because my body can’t deal with meat, gluten and milk products – eggs are critical too but not as bad – my two creations are without all this things (meat – sure anyway, who wants meat in the cake, lol.) The cake was pretty complete already, I chose the egg free version and just needed to add butter – I took coconut oil 🙂 – and water or milk – I took a mix of almond milk and water. And then one could add any kind of fruit – I added banana slices and poppy seeds.
While the cake was in the oven, I made the bread. It was my second one. And I still had no recipe, I just took buckwheat flour, added oil (olive), water, salt and to make it special roasted red onion, pepperoni, dried tomatoes and some thyme on the top. I bet both is delicious! It smells sooo good 🙂

Yes so this was a day of inner peace and creativity from heart. I remember how hard it was some time ago, to build up such a light and clear energy. So much has changed into better when it comes to the human collective and the planets and peoples energy fields. We just need to look and we’ll see how far we came over the last year(s).

What were your happy moments today?

Much Love


4 thoughts on “Hello to all you beautiful Suns out there,

  1. Hi Filla, yes, what you bought is very interesting 🙂 I find being in the art store a very peaceful, rejuvenating place too 🙂 If you go back to the organic store today, make some more lucky shards.(?! just joking), wishing you another blissful day 🙂 lots of love, victoria xx

    • I don’t know if this gentleman (who works there) would still be so charming if I let another glass break, lol.
      This feeling of peace with myself lasted for the whole day and still is there today, even though it’s not so strong.

      Lots of Love 🙂

  2. The idea of a flashy green fake leather jacket really appeals to me, being green my favourite colour.
    Your day was beautifully described. Isn’t that magnificent when we can find inner-peace in the simpler moments of a day? My happiest moments of today were two, very different but equally enlightening (or so I think): when I left my work and started walking home this evening just before 6 I noticed that the sky had that superb vivid clear darkish blue colour – you know, when it’s not daylight anymore but not yet nightlight yet – and then I saw the amazing Moon with a most sparkling light all around it. The contrast of the white light and the evening blue sky was Wow!

    Then, the second happy moment happened just before 10pm when I finished my ironing “backlog”. I think ironing is one of the most therapeutic activities we can practice. At first one may think: “What?!!”. Think again.
    There’s a blissful feeling of solitude and calm in the act of ironing freshly washed clothes. It’s meditative also.

    Wishing you many happy day moments. Keep on sharing! 🙂

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