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Today a ‘little’ post. I stayed home the last two and a half days, I have a cold. Ascension flu…. light body symptom… or just human (anyway), however you want to rate it. I’m really not amused about it… luckily popcorn and self-made brownies lightened up my mood a little. Candied ginger and a lot of water are helpful too…

The readable meal today is my thinking and a few ‘ideas’ about blogging and me. I love blogging! It’s a big help for my artist ‘I’, like a training. For what, I don’t know exactly. I give more space to my creativity. I did that in the past. I began to be more courageous, to be crazy with the way I dress and to show my true face to the people who meet me in the city or where every. But the universe doesn’t stand still and there always comes a point where one needs to grow into a bigger, higher space. At least for me growing, learning and changing always was very important. If I don’t move, life moves me (the less comfortable way). Now I look for a new way to experience my body. Dancing, yoga, tai chi… such things. I will test different options.

If I should get the chance to be there, I will seek for the March-header shot in Cologne next week. It’s not sure if the person that I would meet there can come. Would be exciting. I feel kinda odd when I run around making photos in the public because I’m such an amateur, lol. I really should invest some time learning how to use the camera manually so I don’t need to use the automatic mode for good photos. That has something… not so personally.

I would like to open an instagram account and post mobile photos… I just like it. Sometimes, like recently when I sat in a café having a smoothie called ‘perfect karma’ which tasted ridiculously delicious, I feel like sharing things with others. Sadly my rather old mobile phone has no app for it (and also no app for wordpress) -.-
So one day I’ll go for a better phone. The thing with me and the mobile phones is very funny. On one side I love them and especially the tools that the newest smartphones offer but on the other side I’m happy without them and love to be out of reach.

That was it for now… thanks for reading.
Good night
Much Love


15 thoughts on “I ❤ my Blog

      • Not to worry. I wish my German was 1/4 as good as your English! I visited your fantastic country Dec 2011-Jan 2012 and had the BEST time… sehr gut for the whole trip (Cologne was the last stop)

      • No – Bonn for about 2 weeks (my brother and his family were living there) to Christmas, briefly to Kassel, then a week in Berlin, a week in Hamburg and 3 days in Koln before we left… I very much hope to return one day

      • Hesse (in German Hessen) is a state, Kassel belongs to it 🙂 If you come back you gotta visit Wiesbaden! It’s the most beautiful city I know here.
        I grew up at the Baltic Sea, the landscape is amazing but the people, at least those in my little hometown, weren’t that friendly.
        Schwerin is nice, with a castle.
        I’ve been in Stellshagen often. There is a very nice organic hotel and a lot of nature. 🙂

  1. Hi fillandra,

    if you’re looking for a great body practice, try the 5 Rhythms by Gabrielle Roth. It’s the best I have found so far … Qi gong is great too but it just takes too much discipline *lol*

    BTW, I had the same cold the last couple of days, and I’ve heard of others too … maybe it’s just old energies being flooded out of the system.

    Hope you’re feeling better already 🙂

    All the best

    • Hi, thanks 🙂 For your visit and for the tips 🙂

      Yes many people have light body/ascension symptoms at time.
      I feel much better, hope good enough to go to the yoga class this evening…
      Will test tai chi chuan on tuseday.

      Blessings of Love

  2. Hi dearest Fillandra!!

    Ascension Flu… what a name! So cool.
    Indeed, the Universe doesn’t stand still. I do Pilates, a bit of Gym and I like swimming.
    Saying this I never liked exercising, never! But I feel I need to do it in order to keep some Body & Mind balance of some sort. I also had a “nice flu” back in January which allowed me to paint an Angels watercolour… more of an experiment. I painted Archangel Michael, Raphael and Gabriel… they were part of my healing process. I did that because I stayed at home two days and could read a lot and do something creative. Perhaps that’s in the name: Ascension Flu….

    Be well in All. Love & Light to you ~~~

      • Hi & Thanks for all your comments back to mine. Much appreciated.
        Yeah… I will share my painting experiments soon. I’m into Mandalas also, are you too? It’s such a fabulous healing tool. I recommend. I wish I had more time for colouring more.
        Love & Light to you too, take care.

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