Hit the Light Button

Whilst I can hit the Like-button very often throughout the day (if I spent it online, like today),
I hit the Light-button very often when it becomes/is night
(because our birds start flying through the dark living room all the time… must be these high and whirling energies).

That went through my head this evening while I jumped up, to turn the lights on for our parakeets, once again.
Sorry if the joke isn’t working. (I hint at spiritual stuff a little.)

Do you like such tiny sharings? It’s almost like a facebook post. But I feel odd talking to this very few people there… I could also post it on Google + but I think nobody would find it there ^^
Does anybody of you have Google + ?  I got it because I wanted a ‘.com’ e-mail address for my blog and chose gmail.com….
I still don’t really get how it works, lol. So used to facebook. I’m not addicted to all this kind of stuff, don’t worry ^^
I just was so against facebook at the beginning… and when I am too much against something I end up needing to try it out…

Have a nice day or a good night,
matching to your location 🙂



Your thoughts, stories, questions and feedback are very welcome ♥

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