Blissful March

Okay, header time 🙂
Last sunday I was on tour and made some amazing photos, all with the manual option. I’m still training and it was cloudy, I don’t know if they are that close to perfect, but I see the joy I had and mean to transfer it on my blog.

Voilà, a swan couple (female in the front) on the Rhine. You can actually see a lot of other birds, to name them: a gray goose, a canada goose couple, a lot of mallard ducks and the gray spots in the background are black-headed gulls.
And very special, this month I have a video fitting to the header because I tested the video option of my cam and uploaded it on youtube.
That day was sooo much fun 🙂

Hope you enjoy

© Fillandra

February header


8 thoughts on “Blissful March

  1. Wow! Fill, what a wonderful idea to include a video representative of your new Header image.
    I’ve just watched it and loved the calmness and the choice of music too.

    It will be interesting if you do the same for your next’s month Header pic.

    Have a Fab March!!!

    Love & Light from
    Tree Spirit 🙂

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