Wow, what a busy day. I’m positively surprised that I found energy and interest to turn on the computer and write a post, after I’ve been running from here to there and through a lot of mixed feelings that came up.
My inner guidance titled this post continuance, probably because I want to show you some more photos of my sunday trip.
Let’s start with the photo that could have been the march header too. I picked the swans because there is more color and not everybody is so crazy about sea-gulls like I am. I absolutely love this pic.
And then, a gallery with a few other shots is following.

Hope you like it
Much Love

© Fillandra


2 thoughts on “Continuance

  1. I like the sea-gulls, too 🙂 and also the close up of the statues “teeth” – it made me smile ! Its really interesting to see your photos, and the different subjects – hard to choose just one ! 🙂

    • I made nearly 200 pics, I looked through them and my mood decided it only could be birds and these two options where the best. But to decide which of them was hard, yes 🙂

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