Birds and the Main River

Thank you for your patience everybody! I said I would post the video of my short trip to the main and finally it comes now plus some photos. I couldn’t make it earlier because I was overwhelmed with paperwork.
I went there on sunday the 3rd because I was seeking a little adventure and inspiration but mostly because I search for a new place to live. Standing by the water with all these birds was magically. I looove sea-gulls, they remind me of my childhood. There were even two European Herring Gulls and a Greylag Goose, my hometown is full of them.
It was nice there but I don’t think that I’ll move there, I rather like leave germany I think…
Today it’s sunny again, hope you have your favorite weather too.

Lots of Love


4 thoughts on “Birds and the Main River

  1. Have you found what you were looking for? A new place to live?
    I feel its really important to live close by some sort of direct-Nature environment, like a lake, birds, park, woods…
    I live by a big great park. I see many birds from my windows… I love that in the morning while I prepare my cereals in the kitchen.
    Mother Nature’s energy is what keeps us alive and creative.

    Love & Light to you and your adventures 🙂

    • Not yet… It’s not that easy… the place I live right now is wonderful too, forest behind the house 🙂

      Love your ‘Peace & DLight’ in the other comment, nice wordplay ❤ 🙂

      • I wish you good luck with your house hunting. You’ll find a nice place, because you so want it that way.
        And, yes… I also love this “DLight” wordplay… a friend sent it to me and now I’m using it more and more. I think it means so much.

        Have a great new week!!
        Love & DLight !! 🙂

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