Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

I got nominated by the lovely Marci.Pann – thank you very much 🙂 – you can find her creative blog here.

And these are the rules:

▪ Provide a link and thanks to the bloggers who nominated you.
▪ Answer 10 questions.
▪ Nominate 10 blogs that you find a joy to read.
▪ Provide links to the blogs and inform the recipients they have been nominated.
▪ Include the award logo within your post.

10 questions to answer:

1. Your favourite color? — blue
2. Your favourite animal? — Penguins, actually all kinds of birds
3. Your favourite drink? — vegan mango lassi
4. Facebook or Twitter? — facebook
5. Your favourite pattern? – don’t have a favourite
6. Do you prefer getting or giving presents? – hmm… giving 🙂
7. Your favourite number? – 7
8. Favourite day of the week? – uh… thursday I think
9. Favourite flower? – I guess papyrus is a plant… so Iberis
10. What is your passion? – everything creative (especially writing and painting), my life when I feel good, love…

10 blogs which are a joy to read:

1    Active Intuition

2    Curry’s Corner

3    Elenacaravela’s Blog

4    Hanna Jane

5    Lost in a daydream

6    Itstartswithapicture

7    Dolphin Radio

8    The Art of Ema

9    Toemail

10  iNancy


6 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

  1. What an honor to be nominated for this award and in deepest gratitude! blessings and bliss! Dolphin Love, Kathy

  2. Wow & a thousand Thank Yous my dearest Fillandra!
    I’ve been out of country and only had a chance to read about this today. This is great and fun stuff, I want to do the same but I;m not sure how to transport the text to a post of my own… do I just do Copy & Paste? What about the image?

    Anyway, in the meantime I discovered Marci.Pann’s blog which seems to be very, very interesting.

    This is a great way to spread the word of art, love, dreams, believing, lightwork, spiritual dimensions and so on.


    Love & DLight to you,

    • Yup, just copy & paste. But add you own answers to the questions, instead of mine 😉
      And you need to add the image. When you posted all that you can post it as an image-widget or on an ‘awards’ page to show you have the award… i think… 😀

      Love and DLight to you too

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