Brilliant April

And another month is over. Time is an express train, but still so much happened all at once. I leaned, I grew, I laughed, I cried… and still, maybe because I do my best to stay in the moment, it feels like the month was the taking of a breath, a few seconds.

The new header, these cuties are diamond doves. I looked on my camera’s display after taking the picture and knew this would be the april header. The peace is in love 🙂 And because I knew this is the header, I also filmed them. They touch my heart…
I made the photo on friday, like planed but not where I thought, in Mainz. There is a hotel that has something like a little zoo. Sure you’ll get to see some more photos soon.

Somehow the word ‘diamond’ brought me to brilliant,
so I wish you a brilliant april 🙂

Lots of Love and Peace

© Fillandra

March header


4 thoughts on “Brilliant April

  1. Hi there,
    This has a great meaning for me as I love Doves, in particular Collared Doves which have a very distinctive “singing”.
    I find it quite different and greater than anything else the way you choose your headers: with heart. Simple visions of everyday life transported to a creative graphic image to be shared with the world. It looks really good!

    I’m rushing tonight. I will read your other recent posts soon.

    Have a wonderfully Light & Peaceful April!

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