Rhine Falls

I was on a short trip from Wednesday evening to Thursday evening. I accompanied someone who had an appointment in Switzerland. It was actually crazy because most of the time we spent on highways but I wanted to get out of here even if it’s just for 24 hours. So we drove to Meersburg by Lake Constance (still in Germany) and stayed there over night. When I saw the Lake for the first time it was dark and Constance was golden light on the other side. The water welcomed me with beautiful sound because a ferry-boat had made waves. I heard swans and saw a great cormorant diving for fish. It was so beautiful.
The next day we started early and went over to Constance by the ferry. I was excited to see this city because my parents met there, though they are from completely different places in Germany. I ended up not seeing that much… we just drove through it and into Switzerland. There we were in Schaffhausen visiting a product presentation. I couldn’t do anything with what they presented but it was an honor for me to be a part the first showing of an amazing idea. I really liked this energy, they tested and corrected for years before they could come out with their product. Very special moment…
And I can confirm now that the switzer people are so much calmer, peaceful compared to the germans 🙂 I really liked the spirit of the country.
After the presentation we went to the Rhine falls. By the way Rhine fall is a funny word play in german. Because it sounds like ‘Reinfall’ which is a letdown. 😛
I had my camera with me and  have photos for you. Sadly I hadn’t it with me while we drove with the ferry over Lake Constance but I made two with my phone.
From we went back home.

So after my camera and I brought you to the Rhine in Biebrich (here and here), to the Main in Kostheim (here), to where Rhine and Main meet (here),
now the Rhine falls. Magic water ^^

Lots of Love


One thought on “Rhine Falls

  1. Hi Fillandra!!
    Great photos. I love Switzerland, especially the Bernese Oberland region. Went there on holiday in 2007 during Summer. Stayed in Wengen near the Jungfrau mountain peaks. Next time I’ll stay in Grindelwald which is even closer to the Eiger, a favourite mountain of mine.

    Went to Munich about a year ago and I’m sorry to say but the Germans are, generally speaking, quite unfriendly and brusque in their approach to visitors. At least that was my impression during my experience there. I might be wrong.

    Keep sharing your pics!!

    Hope all is well with you.
    Sending you positive vibes all the way ~~~

    Tree Spirit 🙂

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