Abundant May

Hey hey to you all 🙂
It’s 2 am CEST right now. I was dancing into May and now I’m tired but still i want to celebrate my monthly header change before I go to sleep.

For those who are new, I change my header every new month. A week before a month is over I start to feel into me and go out  with my camera to find what I feel.
I have great fun doing that, no idea if it makes sence to you, it’s a movement, change that you can be exited for… it’s one day where you can be pretty sure that you find a new post here.
And it gives me a reason to keep practicing and to become a better photographer. 😛
I also send special wishes to you and try to let them be as creative and loving as possible ^^
Sometimes I add a video, this time I can’t…
At the end of the post you find a link to the last header.

Choosing the header was sooo easy last month. I made the picture of the diamond dove couple and knew this is the one. This time I had it hard to choose between to types of blossoms. Red or white? Japanese Quince or Magnolia stellata? Uh that wasn’t easy 🙂
I chose the Japanese Quince. Something needed to say is, that these are actually april flowers which came out late because it was so cold for so long.
© Fillandra

The magnolia would be such an amazing header too. The blossoms remind me of fireworks and the white color sais peace (to me).

© Fillandra
Thank you.
Good night or day (fitting to where you are)


April header


5 thoughts on “Abundant May

  1. Hello Filla!!!
    Lovely new header.
    Sorry I haven’t visited much your blog lately, too many things in my mind. Trying to catch up with online stuff tonight.
    I hope you are well and I wish you a fab May! 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 Wonderful that you like it! 🙂

      Don’t mind, I have not much time for blogging as well. My Grandma (and other things) keep me busy -.-

      Sending blissful vibes! ❤

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