Glorious June

Ornaments was the flash of inspiration that made me grab my camera last Thursday. It was a German holiday and luckily the weather was just fabulous, best circumstances to walk through the city and look for the pompous decorations that many houses have here. I went by bus to the place I had in mind and dove into a glorious world of mythical creatures, ornaments and beige walls reflecting the warmth and light of the sun. I made a circle around a block and when I came out where I started, I surfaced back into the world with driving cars, talking people, flying pigeons, sky…
I went on the roof of a building, enjoyed the view and celebrated the feeling of bliss and completion, wholeness. I took a deep breath and with that the first part of my day was closed. It was a day like two, a day with two faces. When I dropped out of my journey, the whole set changed. Nothing tragic, just like a new day had begun but that’s another story.

I wish you a glorious June!


© Fillandra
Here is a gallery of the other (uncropped) photos that I tested as header.

May header


5 thoughts on “Glorious June

  1. Hi Fillandra,
    I know we’re almost in mid June, nevertheless I wish you a wonderful month where you feel it’s worth to dream and continue your journey as lightworker.

    And, very nice header too. Reminds me of Angel art.

    Blessings of Light to you ~~~

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