Winged July

Hearts was the motto and I was hoping to find a graffiti or a flying balloon when I went into the city. I didn’t expect that it would be so hard to find any hearts. And unfortunately I hurt my foot last monday, so couldn’t really walk. Otherwise I would have spent hours running around and maybe would have found more.
After I walked down a little street and hadn’t found a graffiti or fitting decoration at the little stores and restaurants, I tried to search a more complex interpretation of the topic. ‘A crowd of people’ came to my mind (human hearts, each unique and special) and went to the pedestrian zone. I made some fascinating shots. Hearts as graphic I only found on shop windows, as  ‘I ♥ %’  or  ‘I ♥ … (insert a brand if you like)’.
I owe the header to my neighbour, I told her about my need of a heart for my blog and she led me to one she has in her garden. Thank you ♥.

I dedicate this heart to my followers, some are there since the first post and I want to let you know that it makes me really happy when I find the likes or/and comments of you. I’m often on the way when I check the e-mails on my mobile phone and find your support there, you sweetened a lot of annoying moments. Thank you ♥ 🙂

A wonderful month to you all. May your wings bring you where ever your hearts wish to be.


© Fillandra


June header


5 thoughts on “Winged July

  1. Hi Fillandra,

    I’m sorry I haven’t been much around. Lots of things going on and trying to catch up with the flow of my spiritual journey. I read your words here and see your selections of Hearts, I love it! I think this Header is one of your best ever. It evokes strength (wood) and delicate feelings (the soft pink and green colours of the background).

    I hope you are as well as you wish and never give up. We are on a mission ~~~ 🙂
    Love & Light to you for this month and beyond.

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