Exploring Blog-Connect and bloglovin’

Hey lovely readers! Hope you feel good 🙂

Yesterday was an interesting day. I set a new rule: “everything about Grandma only every 2nd day”. Because I get her stuff handled very well but it began to occupy me and didn’t left time for myself, my ‘dreams’ and to-do’s.
Still it wasn’t a lazy day because I made some publicity for my blogs. You find me now on Blog-Connect and bloglovin’. I don’t belong to the usual blogs I found on there at all, but that shouldn’t be too bad.
You find the follow-widgets in the footnotes.

I was up ’till 2 am, had it hard to fall sleep as usual, then the birds woke me up at 5 am which is unfortunate because today I’ll drive Grandma into the city for having a coffee and for buying her some fruits and sweets. I’ll think twice about the sweets because I’ll have to push her weight in the wheelchair and 85 kilos is really enough 😛
The temperature cooled down a little so it won’t be as sweaty as our tour last sunday, it could rain but I hope that waits until I brought her back home.

See you.


Your thoughts, stories, questions and feedback are very welcome ♥

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