The next Day, a bigger Pearl.

As I told you, Tuesday I made a good step to regulate my life. I said I do my Grandma’s paperwork, etc. only every 2nd day and spend the day working for my blogs, the first little pearl. I love creating.
The next day I started blissful and centered into a Grandma day. I didn’t even noticed that I slept for only three hours, while pushing her wheelchair through the heat. I couldn’t sleep more, the cosmic energies must have been very high.

Yesterday was a day it feels worth it write about. It was a beeeautiful day! Grandma was really present and had a clear head, what made spending time together a little like it was before she had the two cerebral hemorrhages. I do easy with adopting changes and so I got used to the new Grandma very quick, also because what else than accepting could I do? Maybe letting my mind freak out in denial but that wouldn’t help anyone. Still, some parts of me need to acclimatize and those parts felt hugged by the easiness and familiarity of our trip.
I got to her (she lives in a home for old people since April) around 2.40 pm, dressed her and had a short chat with the nurse, who apologised when she realised that I needed to dress my nan. I told her that I did that the last three years, only the surgical stockings were new to me and it was a fight to get them on, lol.
Then I drove my nan to the bus stop and we went into the city. It started to rain shortly and we made other people heartily laugh with our appearance. I gave her an umbrella which is transparent but with big dots in different colors on it, means I can look through it but without seeing much. I alternately looked above or underneath it © Fillandra© Fillandra(made a sketch for you, click on the little pictures to see them bigger) and Grandma squeaked, slightly worried that I would drive her against something as well as amused because I drove her through nearly every pot-hole.
I brought her to my favorite organic food store. We had a little afternoon snack from their bistro and bought fruits and tomatoes for my nan and sweets for me (ha!) then. After that she got a crossword magazine from the kiosk next door. Now there was nothing else we could do in the city but it was just 4.30 pm and we had time till
6 pm when she would have to be home for dinner, so we drove by bus to the park next to her home and sat there till 5 pm. Back in her room I tidied up a few things and sat by Grandma because I had the feeling I cannot leave before she hasn’t got her food. When it came I saw that they didn’t follow my request and put meat slices of sausage on the bread. Grandma has decided, to my surprise, to go vegetarian which I admire because I’m almost vegan. The nurse took care of that, found the mistake in the kitchen organisation and ordered a vegetarian plate.
My nan had her feet up, not wanting to move and sat too far away from the table, so I handed her bread slices with cream cheese, tomatoes, juice and blueberries after request. I drank enjoying every moment filled with this lovely speciality.
Just when she finished, it knocked on the door and a slim and tall man with a metal-bag came in. I thought he came to fix something till he said his name, then I knew it was Grandmas occupational therapist, who was hoping to meet me.
We had a very very interesting conversation about alternative thinking and creating ways outside of the system.
I don’t want to go into the deep about that now, if I will then in another post.
That was really an inspiring day like no other. It was familiar and pleasant new at once.
The second and bigger pearl as result of a good change of ways.
I went home at 7 pm on wings of bliss.

Have a good time.



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