A huge Inspiration – DAVID BOWIE!

I can hardly remember how I came to listen to David Bowie’s music. It’s surely more than a year ago, that I started listening his most popular tracks on youtube and fell in love with ‘Heroes’. Gosh I was so obsessed by that song. My mother was lost of words “my daughter listens to David Bowie??? I can’t believe it”. Yeah, I love a lot of music, which was made long before I was born 😛 .  May 2012 I bought the Album ‘Heroes’ because the same titled song is on it. Bit by bit I bought more records (I love buying CDs). ‘Hunky Dory’ , ‘Low’ , ‘Lodger’ , ‘Let’s Dance’ , ‘1. Outside’ , ‘Earthling’ , ‘Hours…’ , ‘Heathen’ , ‘A Reality Tour (live)’ (more to come). I can’t believe that I still don’t have his brand new record The Next Day’.
Still, I’m not fan enough to like the video to the title track of his new album… no that was disgusting…
Well I explain why and what makes his art is so inspiring to me and how I came to the idea of this post.

So here I sit at the computer, enjoying the fresh, cooled down air that comes into my room. It rains outside, after desert like days, weeks maybe. And I just watched this documentary about Ziggy Stardust, the excellent character created by Bowie. Diving into his world of art, brings me in touch with hidden wishes growing inside of me. The arts of David Bowie remind me that I am not (only) this fairylike girl I may appear to be outside. I start to ache for these wild things from inside of me to become visible on the surface. I get ideas of clothing that I never saw anywhere and want to paint my eyes black, I really like that but rarely do it. I want to run to the hair dresser to cut and dye my hair. Unfortunately it’s Sunday, or I might be on the run now to try something completely new, because I love that. I get blown over by this feeling. It’s not only a the wish to transform my look but also a longing for a (future?-)Lifestyle which I don’t know where to find. I wonder ‘can it actually ever be possible?’ and remind myself then, that I’m young, have time and don’t need to create all at once.
I love to get this shot of inspiration, it makes me feel happy about being a creative nature.

And maybe it’s a luck that it Sunday, because if I would change my shoulder long brown hair into short red or blue hair my demented Grandma probably wouldn’t know who I am. Ya… because of her I haven’t dyed my hair red which I wanted for years, I don’t have piercings and tattoos yet… I feared to shock her and I am a very amicable by nature to the sensitivities of others. Now it’s more a question of ‘Will she recognize me if I change too much?’.
I’ll come to the point where I say ‘ok just let’s have a try’ and take what ever comes then. Look, Bowie had something like that too, when he came to the point where he had to leave Ziggy behind and become himself again, the video shows it.
To be hold back by fear is unhealthy. But rather than fear it’s the fact that I’m waiting for the time to come for such change. Everything has to feel right and in place, you cannot force anything.

Now I wanted to share the video with you, which just filled me with inspiration.
I hope it inspires you too.

Have a great week and see you on August 1st with the new header.
Take care!




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