Crystalline August

Welcome dear readers!

Whoosh, and again, a new month is reached. Time flies, but that’s alright.
For this header I didn’t have a direct idea, but the impulse to ask my lovely neighbour and she gave me the subject Water, Dewiness. That goes with the weather. It’s clammy and cloudy outside. The air is fresh, so clear and smells like Teen Spirit! No, just joking 😀 (Nirvana song). It smells like rain, almost like autumn, I love it so much.
She suggested a cobweb with glittering water drops on it, a beautiful idea. I had imaginations of a meadow in the forest and pouring rain (especially for a video), but it didn’t rain at the right time. So I grabbed a water sprayer and went to the ferns in the garden behind the house. Ferns love dewiness, there the association came from. I took along gemstones and indian anklets to decorate. Though I wasn’t perfectly satisfied with the shots I had taken, and wish I had time to make some more somewhere else, I came up with three options. I chose the ferns, even if they aren’t as ‘wet’ as the other two options, because it resonated most to me. It has a gracile beauty and movement, it’s calming… it kinda talks to me. Amazing.
I have a video too, the fern waved in the wind. My cat-like parts where enchanted and I just held on it. That’s what it looks like, titled ‘Impressions of a waving Fern’ (it’s below the gallery).

This is it, the Art-firework to the ceremonial beginning of a new month, I hope you are inspired and enjoyed it.
Have your sights on your dreams and heart needs, it’s in your hands to get there.
I’ll approach some dreams that I look towards for years now, you will be the first who get to hear the news.

Wishing a great month.

Love & Light


© Fillandra


July header


7 thoughts on “Crystalline August

  1. Hello again Fillandra from Colorful Colorado, USA! I love your post welcoming August! Your photos speak to me as well, beautiful. I especially love the -almost header number 1. Growing up in the southern part of the US, where ferns were common and now living in the west where there are none – I miss them!

    I also like to bead so I like your anklets!

    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful August welcome with us.

  2. Hey Fillandra!

    Being GREEN my favourite colour and myself a lover of all things Trees & Nature I absolutely love your new header photo! And you took some gemstones too for your “nature compositions”… that was a great idea. I have a small collection of gemstones myself. Is that Amethyst, Turquoise and Clear Quartz in your photos? Everyday I wear an Amethyst bracelet which I mix with other bracelets of various crystals or beads, depending on my mood.
    What’s your favourite gemstone?

    Have a wonderful Enlightening August!
    Love & Light from
    Tree Spirit 🙂

    • Wonderful to hear 🙂

      The gemstones… Amethyst, Quarz, Amazonite, Rose Quartz… and Lpis Lazuli.
      My favorite… I have quite a lot because an amazing friend send me a lot.
      Right now I have a blue Chalcedony with me, which I bought about a year ago.
      I haven’t worked much with gemstones yet.

      Peace, Love, Light and all the other good things 🙂

      • Hi Fill, sorry for my delay in commenting back. I love all the gemstones you mentioned and some of my other favourites are Labradorite, Jade, Carnelian, Green Kyanit, Citrine, Aventurine, Sodalite, Green Moss Agate… oh my! there’s so many!
        I have a fantastic book about crystals/gemstones and the various ways of using them for healing, protection and help. I strongly recommend it: “The Crystal Bible” by Judy Hall. It’s a must in everyone’s library who are interested in this type of “things”.

        Love & Light to you! 🙂

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