Jersey Tiger

Hey hey 🙂

Sunshine! Good times! Boogie! (allusion to song by The Jacksons)

You see I’m in a good temper right now. This is changing frequently at times, I have pretty extreme ups and downs…
but whatever.
This post is a 2 in 1:
One: I just saw another beautiful butterfly and followed it through the garden, a Jersey Tiger, rare in this area and I feel honored to have some shots that I can share with you.    (More butterflies here)
And yesterday I made some more photos belonging to the subject of this months headerwater, dewiness.


Two: I told you last post that I have some big plans and promised you that I will give you the news right away. So, well, the first two ‘creations’ happened. I had a hair-do yesterday. My last hair cut was a year ago, I went in two steps from pretty long to pretty short and then let my hair grow again. Now it’s shoulder-length. I’m not sure if I want to go longer or pretty short again, so I decided to just add some shape for now. For the first time I was styled by a man. He did an awesome job, and will be my hairdresser of trust now. I posted a photo on the new page.   ~
© FillandraAaand the second ‘creation’ (creation according to the fact that we create our own reality): I will learn to play guitar, just singed in for a course. That was a more spontaneous thing, though I want to learn this and other instruments for long time. Actually I wanted to join a different course but the next would start at the end of October and that felt so far away. Now I’ll start playing guitar on August 30! Yay! And will buy my first guitar then (they want us to wait till the first class is done so they can give tips for buying the right instrument). My mom had the idea of me playing ‘Challa’ (Bollywood movie Jaab Tak Hai Jaan by Yash Chopra) click that link and listen, the song is amazing. Maybe I’ll play that song for you, if all goes smoothly. Would you like that? I hope I’m not too shy… Let’s make a deal, the course ends on November 17th, if I have 200 followers then, I’ll play it for you. 😀 I know this ‘deal-making’ with likes and followers from youtubers and found it kinda funny. And it’s everything else than impossible, right now I have 139 (Thank you everybody ♥), and 35 of them joined the in last 4 weeks (welcome ♥). You can keep an eye on the number in the blog’s footnotes.

I have more ‘creations’ in planning, so stay tuned 🙂

Have a wonderful day or evening, matching to where on the world you are.
Best wishes.


Your feedback is very much appreciated.



3 thoughts on “Jersey Tiger

  1. Great to read about your good mood and happy adventures. I love butterflies too.
    I wish you good luck with the Guitar lessons and for the new hair cut… can we have a pic please? 🙂

    Keep the Light within,
    Tree Spirit

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