Début, a Painting to show

This is the first painting I publish on this blog. I had another blog before, where I did not much else than publishing my paintings. Then taking care of Grandma got too stressful to paint or even blog. Later I missed blogging so much that I returned with this new blog on December 26 in 2012.
I promised (here), a long while ago, to paint and did it (a dog), but didn’t show anything because I couldn’t finish it.

Now I had this idea in mind since a couple of days, there it looked like painted with acrylic or oil. Monday evening I felt the inescapable need to bring it out on paper. My unwillingness to clean brushes made me feel attracted to my oil pastels. It’s the first time I used them to paint like this, 3d like.
The pic is a positive surprise because it turned out much clearer and more beautiful than the vision (which was darker, the colors were ‘dirtier’). I love it.
I painted on cardboard which I grounded white a few days ago.
The size is 55 x 60 cm

If I change something (with the background on the right side) I’ll give you an update 🙂

I kinda wonder what my parents thought first, when they saw it 😀

Your feedback is very much appreciated ❤

Blessings of Love & Light.

P.s. Because I haven’t painted in such a long time, this kinda belongs to the special August activities I announced here.

© Fillandra


9 thoughts on “Début, a Painting to show

  1. So very happy for you that you had the urge to paint! And even more glad that you published your piece! It is lovely and shows your talent. Since, I am a dog lover, please finished and publish the dog. I would love to see it.

    Inspirational creativity and happy painting sent your way.

    • Thanks a lot ❤
      I am scared that I could ruin the dog… It's almost a half year ago that I worked on it. So sad that I couldn't finish it right away… :/

      Loving regards from Germany

  2. This was a total revelation to me. When I started reading the post I wondered what sort of imagery would you convey in your artistic endeavours then reaching the end of the post I saw the photo. Well done! 🙂

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