Sunday Yoga

Hello everyone! ❤
How was your day?

My day was athletic, weird and inspiring. I started with an ambitious yoga class. It was really nice to go there again, after a 2 month break because I hurt my foot back in June (as I told you here).
When I was home I almost fell asleep, laying on the living room carpet. But it was too cold, so I went and got a pillow and a blanket. But then the people in the flat above made noise, they just walked around but it drove me nuts.
So I left the house, got to the central station and took the next train to Mainz. Just because I was in the mood of going somewhere by train. I had my camera with me and took just one photo (you see the Rhine and beautiful cloudships). From that place I went to the central station of Mainz and drove back home. Exact one hour later I was where I came from, but what I saw on this little tour was somehow bizarre. Not that much special, just random bizarre human things 😛 The whole trip seemed kinda senseless but that’s what makes it so inspiring to the artist self.

Have a blessed week.


© Fillandra


4 thoughts on “Sunday Yoga

  1. Interesting day yours, somehow surreal. But you took the best approach: admired the beauty of the Rhine, the sky…
    Some days are like that.

    All the best with inspiring actions 🙂

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