Balmy September

Thank you ♥

This year…
Ha! Every time when I start a new month here, with a new header, I want to say ‘this year…’ instead of this month.
A month can feel like a year if so many things shift, change or just happen.
Time flies by quickly but it is high quality time.
If you live it, take in the essence of every moment like a breath, you wont miss a thing.

So this month my header doesn’t present a subject. I had two places in mind, grabbed my cam last Thursday and got shots of the fruits of a tree, first point. Shots and videos in the forest walking to the second point: the beautiful view over my city. The new header, there was no question, is the view. It wasn’t the clearest, when the weather is better you can see much more, but it’s still beautiful. Do you know it? Have you been there?

I wish you a wonderful month, a great view over the good possibilities that your life offers. Don’t forget that there is light at the end of every tunnel. Don’t look back to what happened years ago, life happens in the Now, give the wounds a chance to heal. Have a great time.

Love you.
© Fillandra
~ ~ ~

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4 thoughts on “Balmy September

  1. Hi Fillandra,
    Nice Header image. Lovely forest pics. I have no idea about uploading videos, sorry!

    Sending you blissful vibes for your rest of September. I haven’t been much online.
    Take care.

    Tree Spirit

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