Me and my Guitar

!!First of all, if you see advertisements on my blog, that has nothing to do with me. I’ll try to get rid of it!!

Two weeks of silence on my blogs. I’m sorry, I was without internet.
I enjoyed having a computer break but it has been a restless time though. I’ve been constantly running around, couldn’t stay home and relax for even just one day. If I don’t do something that appears  meaningful to my mind, I go crazy.
Now I’m sick. I felt that coming for a while actually and thought I could get away. Well now the cold is here and my body is so busy with healing that my mind doesn’t screams about waisted time and I enjoy my third home day  and am busy with things I can do here, such as learning and writing. Last night I got hit by a flash of inspiration and wrote a text into my phone. I made several posts out of it and will send out one a day. To get into the enjoyment of daily posting 🙂

Last month I wrote that I want to manifest some things that have been on my mind for years. The first thing that I told you is that I signed in for a guitar course. For others that might be something that they can do along the way but I had no energy over the last three and a half years. Not even the space in my head to think about such things. I took care of my grandma and this was a fulltime experience, which left no space for other things.
At the beginning of 2013 when things changed, I found myself wanting to be free. I live in this city for three and a half years and just want to get started with something personal before I’ll leave again. There is a ticking clock, I feel that I soon will be somewhere else.  Berlin? Maybe.
SO the guitarrrr course 🙂 It started August 30th and is every friday afternoon till November. The last saturday of august I went and bought my guitar, my first own instrument. Gently calling her my girlfriend ❤ I’m so in love with this classic beauty made from spruce and walnut wood. I’m enjoying to play and the course too. © Fillandra
I was hoping to have fun being in a group and that I maybe would meet some people. There is indeed a very open minded, wonderful woman in my age. (And I’m not saying this because you have my blog url,) she is really a special person and one can have fulfilling conversations with her :). Since I was a child I was wishing to know like-minded people. I had to wait till I am almost 19 for this to come true.

Remember? We made a bet. If I got 200 followers when the course ends, I’ll play Challa (click), a song out of  the Bollywood movie Jaab Tak Hai Jaan. I’m excited to see if I can hold that promise… I’ll definitely play something, IF….. 🙂 currently I have 157 followers.

See you tomorrow.


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