Manifesting Dreams

My goodness it is not so easy to write posts these days… I get distracted by every little thing may it be on youtube, a ‘candy game’ on facebook or the new stuff in my favorite online store…
like a cat is amazed by a feather dancing in the wind. 🙂

I spoke about it yesterday, and continue it now. Dreams, things we just want to get. We have so many dreams, little ones that are appearing and disappearing like fog in an autumn morning. And we have big ones that are like the sun, sometimes they are hidden but they are always there.

Not everyone is a fan of bodymodifaction. I am. I like piercings and especially tattoos. Seems to be the ancient egyptian spirit that is woven into my soul. Since I was 6 years old or so, I was begging to get ear-piercings. I am actually lucky that my mom was really against it. I got on her nerves sooo badly (sorry mom <3) but she adhere to her opinion and said ‘do it when you’re 18’. I must say now, that I would do it the same way with my children. When you are an adult and do such a decision alone and for you, that is just the best.
That I got 18 is almost a year ago and still I was kinda ignoring these wishes. I’m not sure what makes piercings and tattoos so important to me. I don’t really see them as beauty accessory. Maybe just what I said above, the ancient egyptian ‘groove’ I brought into this life.
July/August I spontaneously decided to manifest dreams. I realised that two would totally block me (on some kind of creative level) if I’m not going to approach this thing. So the question was piercings or tattoo? Tattoo or piercings? Hmmm… 🙂 Three weeks ago I went to get my ears and nose pierced. No one knew it.
My mom reacted just fine, said it looks like I always had them. My father reacted totally unexpected, he freaked out about the ears. The same reason why mom didn’t want my ears to get pierced, there are many acupuncture points in the lips of the ear. That’s why I went to an acupuncture medic to get them. But saying that couldn’t calm him and it is something I better not speak about.
My grandma would have freaked out at her clear-headed times, now she didn’t even noticed.

I don’t have (much) more piercings in planning. Maybe one or two high-ear ones some day. Maaaybe a septum… There are some that I like but probably will never get, such as eyebrow, lip and tongue ones.
I rather like tattoos 🙂

As I said, that is a matter of taste. Some may say  ‘What??? Piercings, tattoos, a dream?’ I don’t mean to scare you away. I’m sorry.
What do you think? Do you like such things? Do you have such things? 🙂

I decided not to post a photo yet. If you read yesterday’s post you know I have a cold, I don’t feel like holding my face into a camera right now. You find a pic of me and my guitar there, where you can only one ear-piercing, the nose ring is on the other side… :p

Okay, daily posting continues for a little while.
See you tomorrow.

Love & Light


Your thoughts, stories, questions and feedback are very welcome ♥

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