Insights – from heart

Hello! πŸ™‚ Welcome to ‘daily posting’ no. 3

Few people who found my blog with the first daily post on monday, came back yesterday, that made me happy. Welcome to the blissful follower community.

For todays post I noted on a paper which I have here on my desk ‘Looking up to’ and I’m not quite sure what was my thought about it when I wrote it last saturday. I take some more time to think about it and do an ‘about blogging’ post instead/first. I love to share backstage thoughts, to let you kinda look behind the posts.

First of all we take a look at my Dashboard, which says that I currently have 222 comments (it sais 91 of them are mine) and 432 spam comments!
Yeah…. If you see something wrong here too, feel free to change it πŸ™‚

Why do people blog? Do they dream of fame? I don’t. Really not. I just love to share, to publish.
I love to inspire, to weave an uplifting, healing energy into what I write. I want to write rich in content even if it is a very light, cursorily topic and handle heavy topics in a way that they still wont pull you down.
Just like I love it in good conversations. I write with all my heart. Unconditional Love.
Fact is that I work hard on the posts. It rarely takes less than three hours till they are finished. I twist and turn the words till it feels complete and whole, as much as possible at least. Today it isn’t that easy…
I must admit that I have second thoughts, like does what I post really matters to someone, does it really has quality like I sometimes think while I write, does it really is uplifting and inspiring…
A reason for my doubts could be that I quickly forget what I wrote and usually don’t read my posts again because that feels weird. Yeah… I plan to write a flash back post to look through the past half year of blogging together with you. πŸ™‚

I love to play with all this ways to express ones creativity online. Blogging is for sure. Recently I played a little with youtube and that was fun too. I do a little publicity work with Google +… I thought about opening a twitter account, I think I even could tweet from my old mobile phone. Sitting somewhere and posting a sunset or the smoothie I hold in my hand that’s freakin’ fun for me πŸ™‚ My 4 facebook friends maybe know that. I mostly talk to myself on my timeline though which brought me to the idea of a public twitter profile. On the other side, maybe that is too much. I have two voices in my head about that. When I post photos of where I am and what I do, I feel queasy. Posting pictures of such things must not make me transparent and sold… Here in Germany we more and more get worried about our privacy… that is a complex thing, I run out of words here and wander from my subject. I am careful with what I give out and I am really pissed that it is common sence to drag any information out of the people in the name of security.Β  I generally think that I AM as the golden self I am, as soul and spirit unseizable, so I don’t take it too serious but still as I said I’m careful.
Do you use twitter, would you follow me?Β  Let me know πŸ™‚ Your thoughts to what I said before too please. You are in great demand today :p Feel free. No need to speak if you don’t want ❀

Back to blogging. I’d like to go more professional. I wonder where I should get the time from, on the other side the wish is there so I think about it. Maybe making the blog ‘my own’, by kicking the wordpress out of the url, if that is necessary. What does that change? How much more freedom do I get?
I definitely want to get rid of the advertisements! I know WordPress user don’t see it and most of my readers are wp user, but still… I don’t want advertisements on my blog. Even if they would offer me money for that, and I like the idea of earning money with blogging,Β advertising is a no-go.

I thought about courses for filming and video cutting, computer/internet gimmicks, photography… Something like a ‘upgrades for bloggers’ course :p I don’t know if such courses get offered here but you see since I started my guitar course I’m totally into courses to get more know-how πŸ™‚

I need better/more equipment… On the top of the list is a better laptop. I need one that works faster and has a bigger screen. Give me a tip please if you know a good one.
I need a tripod for my camera. Many shaky pictures and lately the vlog I made, remind me that this would be clever and a great thing to have.
It happens from time to time that I see something and wish I had a little camera in my pocket to catch it.
And I need a video camera… I soon have birthday… hmmm, I should inform my family about my need. lol

We reach the end now and I have an important question left:
I watched a lot of (those blog post like) youtube videos over the last days. There are some samples that I found many are doing. Like in ‘I like…’ they speaking about their favorite cosmetics, clothing, music, new discoveries, etc. or tags like the ‘My first time’ tag were they answer the default questions like ‘What was the first word you ever spoke?’.
I wondered if you my dearest blissful followers would like that. ?? Let me know πŸ™‚

Wow congratulations and thanks if you read it all! This post got unexpected long, and based on experience I know that long posts aren’t that favored. Post a heart ❀ into the comments below if you want to let me know that you read it πŸ˜‰

See you tomorrow.



9 thoughts on “Insights – from heart

  1. Wow !! A day and a half ? That’s a lot of work for one post ❀ (big kiss)
    I write raw, write it once, check for typos and publish. What takes the time is setting up photos, resizing and captioning for a slideshow etc. I can only cope with one blog in WP. I had 3 and a FB page but found it all too much, so I am back to one blog. Ralph xox πŸ˜€

    • Thank you ❀

      I weave an energetic field with my words. I don't just write… What takes most of the time is that I try to put the essence into as few sentences as possible and still keep them highly informative… but I'm also a huge perfectionist. πŸ˜› lol
      Another thing is that it isn't my native language. Writing texts for my german blog is a little quicker.

      Blogging takes time and focus, that's right. I have 2 blogs, my youtube channel, Twitter and Google + πŸ˜€
      But most of my focus is on this blog here. It is my second blog which I have since the last days of 2012. Before that I had a blog called Spark of Peace which I deleted because the energy got stuck.
      I'm so happy with this one now, that I was able to post more or less often even though this year was incredibly stressful, and that I could take all that I learned on the other blog and do it even better, well my post are better but I don't have as much readers.
      I have a question, you have a premium blog or? What benefits does one have with the premium version? And how to pay that yearly sum, with pay pal?
      I couldn't afford that at times but later that maybe is an option.

      Love & Light

  2. I forget what I have written in old posts and it’s nice when someone comments on one and I have a look and it brings back memories of “”Did I really write THAT ?” πŸ˜€

    This is what I pay per annum: Premium $99
    Domain: $26

    One off payment:

    Premium Theme: Tapestry $75

    The $99 gives me:
    A domain of your choice to replace your site’s default address of
    10GB Space Upgrade to let you upload more files and audio
    No Ads to hide all ads on your site
    Custom Design to customise your site’s appearance and choose unique fonts and colors
    VideoPress to embed beautiful HD video straight from your dashboard or from your mobile device
    Premium Support via Forums

    The $26 gives me:
    The domain upgrade replaces your site’s default address with a custom domain of your choice. Instead of, this upgrade makes your site available at

    The $75 gives me:
    Tapestry is a 1 or 2 column Widget-ready child theme created for the Genesis Framework.

    All WordPress themes are different so the pricing will be different, but what I pay gives you an idea.

    Happy Sunday Fillandra πŸ˜€ xox

    • Woow that’s a lot of money (to me because I don’t have it :p ).
      Why do you need this $26 extra if the $99 would give me the address already?
      And how to pay that? With paypal, do they send a bill or do they want your account number for direct debit?

      Have a good week πŸ™‚

      • It is a lot of money in one hit. The $26 is not for WP it’s for the annual registration domain fee to protect the dot com from someone else using it. WP has my credit card details and the annual payment is automatic though they give the choice of manual as well.

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