~ Color ~ Sun ~ Fun ~

© FillandraWelcome to my post factory!    (see 1. pic, I wrote on paper)

Actually I write my ‘daily posts’ a day before and schedule them for 3 pm the next day, but yesterday my head was just a blank page. Today I feel playful and not that much inspired to write serious texts. So I played with my camera and invite you now into a colorful, ‘chaotic’, sunny post.
Do you feel the sun that shone on me while I wrote this? 🙂



© Fillandra

The background is one of my unfinished paintings

The cold and rainy weather over the last few days, brought me to the decision that it is time to bag the summer clothes and store them in the basement.
You can take a look at my new sorted ‘wardrobe’ later.

I wish I had someone with a second camera by my side while I shot the bag. It lay on my desk and I stood on the edge, on the left side of my desk to get a higher perspective. Must have been a funny look. I’m glad mom didn’t see.


Two posts ago I told you that I got my ears pierced, they need some more time to heal before I can change the studs, but still I recently went and bought some jewelry. I love the indian goddess Kali, I’m a little Kali myself and to that the first two Skull-earings fitt very well. The dreamcatchers I got from my Grandma years ago. We where shopping and I asked her for them and said I want to make a necklace out of them, because she hates pierced ears.
Thinking about how giving she is, I remembered what I saw in a drug store, a while ago. There was a Grandma with her little girl who must have been 10-12 years old. The old lady looked a little confused and tired and held a basked, brimful filled with stuff. The look in her eyes was ‘Can we go home please?’ but very loving too. And her girl said “Um, wait… There was something else! Ah yeah, I need a hair color! [she ran, got it and put it in the basked] And hmmm…”  ~  A toast to all the Super -Grannies!!!


Fun Photos

Click on a photo to see it bigger

I started the daily posting serial on monday, here are the previous 3:

It was fun to tidy up these places in my room to create awesome photos. Now the rest of room looks even worse :p

See you tomorrow.



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