Blissful Blue


Today I have a video and a story for you.

All over the year our balcony get’s frequently visiteted by lots of feathered friends. Chaffinches, greenfinches, black birds, Robins, wood pigeons, wood peckers, squirrels (who try hard to be birdy too 😉 )… and in the summer almost only great tits and blue tits. Which means that there are not much insects this year, because they wouldn’t come if they would find enough food in nature.

It is so sweet to watch how the bird parents come by. When the brood began, the boy came to get a snacks for his beloved on the nest. Then they came together to get food for the chicks until their kids where ready to leave the nest. We where so amazed by the little fluffy feather balls who followed their parents on every move, bagging to get fed. As days went by we watched how they more and more accepted that they have to eat on their own now. We saw how they begun do discover the balcony, they looked for spiders in the corners and plants, they turned leaves and leaned to open sunflower seeds as well as the breaking of a peanut.   ~
© FillandraA little blue tit shone out of the crowd. She came alone in the evening. She was much more conscious and lively, she radiated a whole nother spirit. A blissful one. Abundant joy. She was high above the others. Such a beauty. When she tilted her head. The look in her eyes, sparkling. The conspicuous long, dark blue tail feathers reminded me of dolphins.
And she told us a stirring lesson, one day she let herself fall from the tree and gave her body to a cat.
Animals don’t make a drama out of life and death.


Thank you for your blessing visit dear Blissful Blue.

See you tomorrow.

Love and Light


Your thoughts, stories, questions and feedback are very welcome ♥

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