Colourful October


First, a huge thank you to those who commented so loving and sweet on my last post! I’m speechless… 🙂 Sending Love.

Today we start into a month which is filled with mystery, colour, transformation… joy and sadness.
It’s a pleasure for me to celebrate the beginning of it with you all. It’s the month of my birthday. It is the time I felt reassured and strong ever since I was a child. It feels like my time, every year.
Even if I don’t have this birthday feeling, which I had when I was younger. Tomorrow is the day.
But why just one day? Autumn is my time 🙂

The photos I want to show this time, were taken last sunday. It was sooo much fun. Something really new and I love it so much to have change and new inspirations. I met with a girl from the guitar class, who told me that she loves it to have her picture taken. We were in the forest first, then we went to the city festival. Many shops where open and there where so many people in the streets like I’ve never seen before. I made ca. 100 photos. We walked around for six hours! Later at home I wondered why such fun is so rare in my life…
I haven’t shot pics of people before and am so amazed how good the photos are. She allowed me to post some.

The blackberry is the new header. I had a bramble pricking into my leg and an acorn fell on me while I made this photo, lol. The cutest ‘almost header’ is the pic of pigeons reaping berries from a hedge.
Below you find 2 galleries, one with those photos I chose the header from and the second is with our fun photos 🙂 I hope you enjoy.

Have a good time, a great month with an abundant amount of ripe fruits to harvest.


© Fillandra~


~ ~ ~

September header


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