Short Update

Hi 🙂

Yesterday (click if you haven’t read it yet) I told you that I baked a cake for my german blog and promised you that I’ll let you know how it tastes. Well, it is absolutely eatable and nice for the first try. I even made it to post recipe and photos, which I actually planned to do on the weekend. Look here.

I have another update for you. For those who are new, I started a guitar course at the end of August and someone brought me to the idea of playing a special song and posting a video of it when the course is over. I thought it would be fun to make a ‘bet’ out of it and say I will do it only if I have 200 followers then (I mentioned it here and here).
Right now I have 187 followers and started looking for the notes of the song. I’m a little overwhelmed, some people explain it very complicated and I’m lacking a plectrum. I should just start practicing :p The course ends November 22, share this blog with people who could like it, if you want me to play that song for you 😀



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