Hi everybody 🙂

Today I just report what my day was like, something that I rarely do.

Sooo, the first thing on the list was meeting a woman from guitar course to give her notes from a lesson she missed. We had an appointment for 11 am in my favorite café. I waited a while but was late by myself so not too long and I love spending time in that café anyway. After that I went to make some copies (Grandmas paperwork, you know) then I went to the wholefood shop and to the art supply store next to it.
I went towards home by bus when I suddenly got the impulse to visit Grandma and stept out on the next bus stop and went into the other direction again.
She was laying in bed and asking the same questions every few minutes but apart from that she made a good impression. I promised her to come back the next days and bring fresh fruits. I hope I will be able to hold this promise…. I have a hard time getting anything done.
After Grandma I finally went home, happy that I made it to see her. At home, it must have been around 3 pm, I turned on the radio… can’t remember what else I did, it ain’t that special.
Later I decided to bake a cake which was requested on my german blog. I asked people there if they want me to do another gluten-free and vegan recipe and a nut cake was requested. It was getting dark outside and I forgot that it isn’t the best time to make photos but with some tricks like holding a baking glove in front of the flash so the light wouldn’t bounce directly on my object, the pics turned out ok. Later, around 10-15 mins before the egg timer would have rang, I just tweeted that the recipe will come the next days, I looked into the oven and saw that the cake is preeety black on top, ooops. :/ I hope I can scrape the worst of and hide it under the cinnamon sugar icing, for the final photo you know.  You people here are so amazing, I tell you everything as you see, even the bloopers. 😀 I’ll let you know how the cake tastes.
Well that was my day. And the day is over, it’s a half hour after midnight now…
I’m watching youtube videos along the way, started with Lenny Kravitz live and landed on Ellen videos, so hilarious it’s fun.
Good night everyone ❤

See you.

Love Love Love


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