Sibling’s Love

Today I feel proud being a big sister.

I have three siblings. My older sis who is disabled but such a sun and source of joy and bliss that if I would have to make a choice, she would be my favorite sibling.
Then I have one half-sister and one half-brother who is the youngest.
My little brother has birthday next week and I drew a birthday card for him.
It shows autumn, colour, joy… all the good stuff I saw, a Libra myself, in this time when I was at his age. I mostly love the little pumpkin (bottom left) and the little kite in the sky.
Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to send a present on time. I wrote that I will do that later.
I love it to be creative with the presents and collect craft supplies so they can use their own creativity and build something they like. And it’s so funny, nearly everybody I know has birthday in the second half of the year. My two sisters turn is in November.

Made with Love.

© Fillandra


© Fillandra



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