Mossy November


I hope that those of you who love and celebrate Halloween, and those who do not (I don’t celebrate it either) as well, had much yesterday. I hope the whole month was great for you.
This month should be fun and awesome toooo 🙂
As every month I celebrate it’s beginning with a new header on this blog.

I made the photos last sunday on a little journey which took me to unexpected places. I had to choose from over 150 photos. The winner shot is made on the Mainz Sand Dunes which is an area of outstanding beauty with rare plants and animals.

© Fillandra
~ ~ ~

By the way, when we get 11 more followers we’ll have the 200, can we make it till November 22?
For those who are new, I’ll write more about this in the next post, which I will write & publish on sunday.
I have a few things and ideas to share, so stay tuned  😉

~ ~

With all my heart I wish you a fantastic time.
Love, Peace, Strength, Hope, Bliss, Growth, Expansion… Have a fabulous November!

See ya on sunday 🙂

Love Love Love



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