A Song for 200 Followers


Three days ago I promised this post to those readers who don’t know what’s the matter with the wanted 200 followers, yet.
I’m currently in a guitar course which will end on November 22. My Mom requested a special song that I shall play here then. I had the idea of making something like a bet and said that I will play it when this blog has 200 ‘Blissful Followers’ (you are my blissful community) then. Don’t think that I beg for followers, because that’s not what this is meant for 🙂 I just want to say thanks. When I told you about my idea back in August, before the course started, lots of new people found my blog and still more and more are coming.
Back then I had 139 followers and now you are incredible 193! If I make people out of the number, you wouldn’t fitt into the room I sit in right now! So many 🙂
I was and am sure that the 200 will be there, the only thing I worry about are the strumming parts of the song (we didn’t really learned about that yet), my camera and that it takes so much time to upload a video on youtube. And it feels a little weird that I don’t know what you think about this because nobody said a word yet… But take your time I will play the song when ever the 200 are full (only not before November 22).
I diligently practice and am excited 🙂



5 thoughts on “A Song for 200 Followers

  1. Hi Fillandra,
    With all due respect.. giving should be an act of love. Giving has more meaning and power if done unconditionally.
    Why do you need 200 followers? Would you not play if you had only 5? If not, why not?

    My point is: giving without even expecting a Thank You is a blessing few possess. I have a feeling that you, being a Lightworker, have that blessing within your heart… so it puzzles me a little your idea of the 200 people vs playing guitar to them!
    Maybe I missed something, but I just thought of expressing my opinion, please don’t be offended or anything like that. I really admire you and I wish you always all the best 🙂

    • You have a good point here and I was a little worried that it looks just like that…
      The fact is that I’m playing not wanting to think about any kinds of right and wrong… that is how I got that idea.
      I have only 4 or 5 real followers (and you are by far the most supportive ♥).
      I know that the 200 is just a number. Most of the likes and follows I get are from people who didn’t even read what I wrote so I don’t take the number serious and just play with it.
      I was unaware about this not being clear…
      Thank you very much for your feedback ♥

      Love you

      • I’m so happy to see that you got my point just right and wasn’t upset about what I wrote.
        I’ve reached a serious conclusion while checking out a few blogs out there: the majority of people seem to be more interested in publicity for their own blog, to attract “followers” and to have the most exposure possible.. then to actually interact with fellow bloggers in a healthy and creative way. There’s nothing wrong with wanting our blog to be seen/read /felt by as many people as possible but I think the actual content is either ignored or not paid much attention. It is my impression that some people follow others just to have them following them back!!!

        Let’s look at this example: a post with 50+ Likes and say.. 2 comments. What does that mean? To me it means that the majority of the people who “Liked” didn’t even read the post let alone bothered to comment. And if they REALLY liked a post, what was it about the post that they liked? Can’t they expand a little… just a little? Of course it’s more comfortable and quicker to click “Like”.

        Personally, it was never my goal to have X, Y, Z amount of followers or Likes or whatever. I really don’t care about any of that because it’s not important to me. What is important is that I decided to make some of my thoughts/feelings and stories available to the public and therefore, the world can read them. It’s like I’m communicating with the vast Universe, and that is awesome to me!

        Anyway… I wish you a fab Guitar playing session and indeed I’m curious about it 🙂

        Keep shinning girl!
        Love & Light to you
        from Tree Spirit 🙂

      • I mean sure it bothered me to read that because I’m going through such hard times and all I want is that what I do is making me and others happy… I am good in taking an unpersonal point of view and accepting the view of others (espessialy if it’s true on some points) – I love consciously giving that freedom to others. So no problem to understand you ❤
        Your comment was on my mind all the way to my pottery course but the fact that an even loving meant criticism bothers me so much, that bothered me even more so I actually was busy trying not to feel weak :p
        This comes from childhood days and my early teens… some more healing needed.
        The next chain of my thought machine was my way of thinking about such things and everything. When I think about other people who amble through their daily lifes not trying to get their heads above the water not trying to become aware of the unconscious…

        Well, I won't speak about this not so good anymore idea but I will do it then and I wonder what will I say…

        Do you sense the intense sun activity? The energies that are coming in at times are crazy. Gaia is answering with not much less toasting energies. My Mom collapsed on Tuesday because she had a blockade and the energy couldn't flood through her well. That was a shoking day…
        Her Lightwork is to be a channel for the incoming energies and usually they come from above, now they came/come from Gaia.
        I feel pretty overwhelmed too these days.

        Shine shine shine (thinking of a Peter Frampton song) 🙂
        Much Love

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