Good Morning :)

Hi Friends!

It is 8 o’clock in the morning and it’s cloudy in the Rhine-Main area, Germany. 8°C – summer is gone and yet it is warm for having November. And because it is so warm I heard a blackbird singing at the break of dawn. That was so sweet, it probably thought it’s going to be springtime now. And I heard a european robin sing. I’m uplifted, my heart is open ♥

Yeah, good morning 🙂 Or good night, depending on what time you have.
It just got light outside and I’m awake for two hours now. I had breakfast already and now I’m thinking about what I will do today. I will practice guitar… I definitely have to gift-wrap the birthday presents for my little sister who will turn 13 next week. I think she wants a self painted birthday card too. My older sister will turn 20 next week… sadly that is complicated and I probably can’t send her things 😦

I will write another post later, just wanted to say good morning for now. I never did that on this blog, the only post that is similar is this one: Early Morning Flower (March10, 2013)

See you later!

Blessings of Love and Bliss

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