Insights – Update

Because Ralph cherished my hard work on this post here, I first answered him and then I read my post and notices that the post is pretty much saying what I answered him :p I forget what I write :p

I mentioned spams in that post; that I got loads more spams than normal comments. 222 comments and 432 spams I had back then. Now I got lots of lovely comments and have almost 300 but I still get so assailed with tons of spams, currently I have 555 -.- So that was an updated look on my dashboard.

Another thing is that I have Twitter now and I can post from my old mobile phone but it doesn’t want to upload photos, which is what I wanted the most. These are moments where I wish I had a newer smartphone. But I’m a little scared that I could turn into one of so many junkies, staring into a phone all day and anywhere.

Then I mentioned the ‘Tags’ which I know from youtube, nobody asked for it so I just made one I liked: I speak with Pictures


Well, I still haven’t done any of the things I mentioned here earlier this morning and the things I didn’t mention are still waiting as well.

And this still isn’t the post I planned to post, so stay tuned 😉



2 thoughts on “Insights – Update

  1. Hi Fillandra 😀 I have 3 times as much spam than comments. 22320/7964. It would be great if the spam was either deleted automatically or bounced back. Ralph xox 😀

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