Sibling’s Love #2

Yesterday in the first of my three posts I said that one of my to-do’s was gift-wrapping the birthday presents for my little sister. I finally did that at the evening and I drew a birthday card for her.
It shows a fay (in winter coat) on the front and comes with a little story of a fay being as small as a palm, almost invisible because it is made from light and ‘faydust’ coming out of my sisters dream world to tell her a birthday secret that only my sister can know.
















I drew the fay first, the inspiration was that my sis told me she is making those out of felt and I wanted to show her how they look like in my fantasy. I couldn’t print my fantasy on paper but I love the result, she’ so sweet.
The story suddenly came and is a little inspired by my 14th birthday. Back then I had a dream of a green Being giving me the name Fylla, which seems to be the pleiadian version of my arcturian name Fillandra (which I got some month later while meditation). Those who think that’s nuts, just forget what I said ^^
I’m a Lightworker after all. 🙂

Just when I finished the card completely, with text on the inside, I almost got a heart attack. Some days ago I asked my Dad how old she’ll be and he said 13. When I wrote November 2013 into the edge of the card insight I realised that she wasn’t born in year 2000. I suddenly remembered a picture in my dads house where both birth dates of my half siblings were written on and that said 2001 & 2004. What a luck that I was able to fix the number on the card front and in the text. I hope I will never forget her age again, gosh!

Two weeks ago I shared the birthday card for my little brother, here.


So when this publishes automatically now (11/4 – 3 pm CET) I’m actually meeting my father who visits me for a few hours on his way to Frankfurt. The last time we met was here, April 21st.


Yesterday came three posts, in case you missed one, each heart is a post – 1 the earliest. 🙂

1❤       2       3

What also could be interesting for you to know is my Page Recent Posts, I list the links to all my recent posts there.

Have a good week!



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