Pottery ~ Hands on Clay = Joy

Last week on Wednesday I started a pottery course. I played with clay when I was in kindergarten and that is too much time ago, I was missing the calming feeling of the wet clay. We are a little group, eight people, and meet at the studio of a woman who does pottery since she was a child. It is a beautiful place on the outskirts with a wild garden and a huge silver birch hanging over the path to the studio. When you check out the gallery of my Mossy November post, the pics from the water tower to the last moss photo are made near this place because on that sunday I was testing how to get there best and which busses go there.
Last Wednesday we stated with some basics, she showed us the three types of clay she has, red, bright yellow and a beautiful black, she showed us her collection of mexican pottery and where we could find what in her studio. She asked about our plans and I said that my Mom asked for muesli bowls because we have some beautiful hand-made ones at home where the glaze wears off. That amused her, she said something like ‘you come here with no clue about pottery and bring the first orders already’. Finally we chose a clay (I chose the bright one) and started with our first piece. When I realised that we work without  a potter’s wheel I was irritated first but when I had my hands on the clay I forgot the rest of the world and made my bowl.
When I went there yesterday my bowl got its first burning and I could put the glaze on. Because I loved this rosé color the clay had after the first burning (later it will turn into some sort of yellow) I chose a glaze which has a similar rosé color and put it on the inside, for the outside I chose a beautiful apple green which I saw on some of the teachers potteries she had placed in the studio.

My bowl before I put the glaze on <3

My bowl before I put the glaze on ❤

My bowl will get another, hotter burning and next week I can take it home. I’m so excited to show you the finished work 🙂
After I finished the glaze I had much time left so I stated a new project: two little coasters for the salt and pepper mills which blithely crumble into our kitchen unit.

Let’s see what I will do next week, I thought about a mortar for our kitchen, made out of this beautiful black clay and leaving it natural without glaze.

Love Love Love

[To find out how this bowl looks like with the finished glaze and what I crafted the next week, click here]


7 thoughts on “Pottery ~ Hands on Clay = Joy

  1. I used to throw pots. I really miss the feeling of the clay slipping under and between my hands and fingers. What a uniquely divine (in the literal sense) artistic experience, to be able to close your eyes and feel your creation come into being. And if it falls or flops, to simply begin again with the same joy! I think I might take that class I just saw offered. Thank you for the inspiration!

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