Mobile Photo Art #2

Welcome ♥

Way back in March I sent out a post with photos I had taken via facebook on my mobile phone (the only way I can get photos from my phone onto my pc, by the way).

I loved this idea and have the feeling you did too and now I’m in perfect mood for part 2.
What’s funny is that back then when I did the first post, I just started doing that and felt kinda unwell about feeding fb with data. But the photographer part of me just had huge fun with it and now there are 111 photos (lucky number) and the fun doesn’t stop ^^

This time I will title the photos with the date, with what I said on fb in “…” and what I say now in (…) .

I hope you enjoy 🙂

Love and Inspiration


First Part


6 thoughts on “Mobile Photo Art #2

      • Hi Fillandra 😀
        I have a small camera and a cheap mobile phone for emergencies. Reading what you say about smart phones I think I may upgrade to one. One that I can download the pics directly into my laptop via a USB port. Ralph xox 😀

      • Haha yeah not one like I have, without USB port 😀 My dad gave it to me last February, after my old phone was broken, and he needs the USB for himself.
        Do you know which brands are good and which not? I wouldn’t want to write it here, but I can tell you what I think 🙂

      • That can be a good idea 🙂 But if you don’t need your phone much, I’d rather think about a better camera. You get good ones for not so much money and no phone can be as good as a camera I’d say.
        If your pc has no card reader, you can buy a USB multi card reader 🙂

Your thoughts, stories, questions and feedback are very welcome ♥

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