I’m on my way!

Hi everybody 🙂

I’ve just been for a little walk in the park. The reason? Some days ago I stept into dog shit and since that happened my boots stood in front of the door and weren’t usable. Now I had enough of wearing heels so I found the nerves to go to a little river and clean them. I hate how that smells… my super sensitive nose is a diva.

Well whatever, I had my camera with me and took some pictures. Finally some black and white shots. New for me and inspired by current, amazing photo exhibition in my favorite café.
I even got some crows in front of the lens but I think they don’t like their picture taken, they fly away just when you want to catch the most beautiful moments.

Back home I made lunch and now I will rush, take a shower and head to my pottery class. (I rarely rushed so much writing a post like this time, I hope it doesn’t show.)

Something that will be on my mind till I have clay in my hands at least (then I usually forget the rest of the world), is the weird dream I had last night. Beside all the weirdness there were three or four different locations, streets that made me wonder already while dreaming where the heck they are. I know this wasn’t the first time that I dreamed of them and there are one or two more places which didn’t appear in this dream. Every time I dream of those places I have them on mind all day, trying to remember if they are in the place I grew up, or here in the Rhine-Main area, or wherever or if I will see them one day somewhere in this world.

Love and Inspiration


2 thoughts on “I’m on my way!

    • Thank you ❤

      Yea you are right! Maybe it wouldn't be as bad if it would be your own dog. But I don't have one and I don't even know where I stept into this mess.
      Such people should learn about respect and keep their city clean…

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