New Gravatar

Hi everybody! Welcome!

(may 22, 2014 –  you see a new photo on the side, not the one I wrote about here. I hope to get it fixed soon)

I finally found a new shot which works as Gravatar for me.
I chose the third crow pic from my I’m on my way post and cropped it a little.  Just while cropping I noticed a 4th crow which I hadn’t noticed before. Do you see her in the middle, on the very right side?

*sigh* I love crows/ravens so much ♥


By the way to those who read my ❀ Pottery Crafts ♥ post earlier the day, though I didn’t really practiced the guitar, I survived the class and actually was even on the ‘sunny side’ (if one can explain it like that). Others played worse :p
This sunday is a workshop, which means that tomorrow I won’t do much more than practicing and on November 22 will be the last class.
In January I will rock on with level 2, I’m so excited! 🙂

Good night to those who will go to bed now, like me.
A wonderful day to the rest.

Love, Light, Peace!


Your thoughts, stories, questions and feedback are very welcome ♥

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