❀ Pottery Crafts ♥

I meant to post this yesterday but I had not enough time left before I met with my friend Veve to practice guitar. I was home at 11 pm, went to bed and fell asleep.

So two days ago I had my third pottery class, if you haven’t read the first post about this yet, click here.

© Fillandra

the coasters before I put the glaze on

There I mentioned that I put the glaze on my bowl and made two little coasters for the salt and pepper mills so they don’t crumble into our kitchen unit anymore.
This time I put the glaze on the little coasters, which took a long time because I just couldn’t decide which colors I’d like. I finally chose a pink (which I tried to apply as thin as possible) for the Himalayan salt and a flame red for the pepper. I’m not sure if the colors match…
and especially I hope that the mills fit on the coasters.
After this was done I started a new project. The inspiration was the idea of a logo for this blog. And what could describe me, my fascination for life, my bliss, etc., what could describe it better than a bird as I love this feathered beings so so much. So I started a bird and thought I couldn’t finish it this class but suddenly I looked at it and it was done. I started clearing up my desk when the teacher said ‘What ya doin’? You have 20 more minutes’ So I took another piece of clay and thought ‘ gosh… what should I do?’ I had no idea, made a ball and just played with it. Suddenly I had a little vase in my hands. Just when I thought about painting a horos eye on it (after it got its first burning next week) someone said to me that it looks like an ancient egyptian jar 😀

When the class was over I wrapped my finished bowl into newspapers and took it home.
I’m so glad that I brought it here in one piece. I thought that I would cry rivers if I would let it drop while I walked from bus to bus on my way home.
On the bowl’s inside you can see (below), the glaze got on some parts thicker than on others especially on the ground it looks like cocoa, that’s because I wasn’t quick enough.
On the outside you see this little spots, wherever they came from, and the usual ‘cracked’ look that many glazes have. I love the colors, especially the green. The teacher said I was the first who combined these two.

Today I dared to have the first muesli from it, corn flakes, gluten-free oat flakes, bananas, and rice milk 🙂 I forgot the almond slices on the photo and I left out the maple syrup.

Later today I have guitar class, wish me luck. I didn’t really practice… Not even yesterday :/ . I practiced reading notes with Veve because she couldn’t yet.

Love and Inspiration

[To find out how the coasters look like with the finished glaze and what I crafted the next week, click here]


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