Pottery ~ Wings of Cuteness & Passion

Hi and welcome lovely ones!

Yesterday was Wednesday and so it was time for my pottery course. I went into the basement to get my clay and then I entered the studio, reserved a table by placing my clay there and went into the back room because I used to find my crafts there, ready to get the glaze on or finished completely and ready to be taken home.
I was quite irritated because I found nothing. She, the teacher, had no course at the weekend so she didn’t have the furnace on then. But what we had glazed last week was in the furnace now and she said she would open it at the end of the class.

Bird & Vase - unburnt

Bird & Vase – unburnt

I found my two unburnt pieces on the furnace, she had placed them there to dry. Mine is the sweet bird (the post’s title is dedicated to it) and the vase, arrows are pointing on them.
Because there was nothing to glaze, I started with what my two half-siblings had ordered – a bowl and a plate.

I finished the bowl, with the plate I will continue next week and if I have enough time I will start another bowl for my father. I asked him if he has a wish for his birthday at the end of November, something I could craft for him and he said a rice bowl. When I asked how it should look like – a fairy bowl. That is quite a task πŸ™‚
I definitely want to craft a cup for my older sister.

So now the class came to its end and I finally saw the coasters I made for our salt and pepper mills. Last week I already was worried about the size and the colors. When I got them, I was down… they looked so small ant the glaze wasn’t like I imagined. From the start on this project was not flow friendly. One coaster has a quite nice form but the other one just wouldn’t get like I wanted. And when I had to choose the glaze last week I spent at least 10 minutes looking through her inconceivable amount of colors, just couldn’t find something I liked and that my Mom would like too. I tried to apply the pink as thin as possible, but it turned out as too thin. The teacher said that I could apply another thin deposit… maybe. Mom said I shouldn’t.
The other coaster looks okay. I thought it would be cool to glaze only parts (like I did it on both) but it isn’t… and Mom doesn’t like the red that much, it isn’t a red pepper red.
But they fit under the mills, which is the last thing I expected!
Don’t think I’m completely unhappy… they are okay. Not yaaay, but okay.
Get your own idea of it, below.

Last weeks pottery crafts (click)

Light of Inspiration

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