Blissful Bird ~ Pottery Crafts

Hi everyone! Welcome!

It’s Tuesday! I can show you some new pottery crafts, yaay 🙂

bird and jar * burned once * unglazed

bird and jar – burned once – unglazed

This time I’m completely happy with the pieces I can show you. If you remember, last week I wasn’t satisfied with the little coasters, but now I got used to them and appreciate their service.
The pottery class yesterday wasn’t that much fun though. I spent all the 2 hours glazing the bowl for my little brother and the last 15 minutes with my little ancient egyptian jar. I had no time to craft something new. I don’t like the glazing part that much, all I wanted is to touch fresh clay, to bring my ideas into form.
But the people in the group were also a cause of my frustrated mood. I don’t want to explain that any deeper, because I don’t want to cause any trouble in case someone is reading my blog (no clue). Even more, I don’t want to hurt anybody. Just because something is annoying me is doesn’t mean that this is the flaw of someone. It just means that the vibration isn’t matching. Pottery would probably be our only coincident interest and I am sick and tired of people I don’t match with. I see them in the bus, in the streets, while food shopping, in the neighborhood,… and I could just scream “Where are the people who are like me??? Heeeelloo????”

2nd bowl before I painted it

2nd bowl before I painted it

What ever… ^^

With the bowl I mentioned above, I tried something new. I painted it with slipware colors. That’s because my little bro requested a horse on it and to paint glaze on glaze doesn’t work that well. I painted it green on the inside, pale blue on the outside and a brown horse head on the outside. Finally a transparent glaze over everything. I’m so excited to see how the horse looks like after the burning. Because I worked with two different browns but you couldn’t discern which is which after applying, the colors are dusty white with only a shimmer of what they will be after the final burning.
When I was finish with the bowl, I did the little jar. Therefore I risked it to paint with glaze because I wanted a special brown, which I used for the inside of my muesli bowl, and a dark horos eye on it. There I can be excited as well, maybe it worked, maybe the glaze will blend so much that there is only a dark something where I painted the eye…

Then I brought my bird home! It is only burned once, which means that it is a little bit more fragile than crafts are after the second burning, but therefore it also has this beautiful more rose kinda touch of color. I didn’t know what glaze to put on. The teacher said, she would do something with it. But I feared that I could destroy its beauty of simplicity.

I present Blissful Bird (below)! It is our mascot now 🙂

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Love and Inspiration

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Your thoughts, stories, questions and feedback are very welcome ♥

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