Shifting December

Welcome lovely readers!

“Welcome on the train from old to new, from past to moment, from suffering to healing… We wish you a comfortable stay and that you will reach you goal in greatest bliss. Thanks for traveling with Bliss Express”

on the train

on the train

*giggle* I have no clue how such announcements in trains sound like in english speaking countries. But I’ve been on a german train for this ‘shooting’. The pictures are freshly made, yesterday. I went out just for them. And I hurried so it wasn’t dark again like when I wanted to shoot on friday.

I’m on the train, heading to new chances, gates, possibilities… I’m excited because I see something on my horizon which means the world to me. A great chance is offered to me and I take it with passion. I’m so moved… It would make so many things easier. I will tell you more when it is for sure. Right now it is too fragile… 🙂
I always thought I would leave the city when I have no reason to be here anymore and I thought this would happen soon. But for this I would stay (for longer) with joy.

So this was inspired me to shoot rails out of the driving train. Therefor I even left the city, lol.


I love the unmoving movement in such pictures. The speed made this shot look like a painting.

© Fillandra


Before I present you the gallery with the other shots, I have a something to vote for you.
I wonder if I want to continue with the header routine next year, or if I want to do something new on the first day every month.
I collected some ideas in this little vote-machine, where you can choose or add your own ideas 🙂
You have 3 wishes. I will post it on the front page too, and leave it there for the rest of the month.
I’m excited, I wanted to try this poll’s all the time ^^

I wish you a wonderful month! Seeing a snow crystal in front of my inner eyes right now, I wish a beautiful winter wonderland to the northern half of this planet, a beautiful summer wonderland to those who have it warm. 😉

May big wings carry you!



Your thoughts, stories, questions and feedback are very welcome ♥

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