Crafting Love ~ Pottery + video

Hiii everybody, welcome! 🙂

Intro: Some of you probably read what happened to me yesterday. I wasn’t sure if I give the video a second try, but I did. Because it is the only visual material I can offer you this week.
I had a confusing appointment at Grandmas this midday, after that I went to my favorite café and spent again hours cutting and editing the 2 hours video material. I faced a lot of complications and feel exhausted now.
Yet, it is a huge relief to post it now. I didn’t want to leave you hangin’… It is a real gift to you.

Last wednesday wasn’t spectacular. Luckily there was nothing to glaze. So I had two hours for crafting, yaay :). Last week I took some clay home and so I had 3 started things.
The one I filmed (won’t say what it is so you can guess while watching). It is finished.
A plate – which is practically finished, I only need to sign the bottom side but before I can turn it around it needs to dry a little.
And my third bowl, which I took back home because it isn’t finish yet.

The glazed things (bowl with painted horse and vase with egyptian horos eye) where still in the furnace.
We get to see them next week. I’m so excited about the horse.

Two classes are left. I decided that I won’t do a second round any time soon. I will concentrate on new things.

I guess, I don’t need to say much more because the video speaks for itself 🙂
Sorry if it is still too long, but better than two hours, right? 😉 For the quality loss is the program to blame.
I added melody… I hope you hear it, I don’t -.- but I refuse to wait any longer and publish it now.

Last weeks crafts (click)

Love and Inspiration

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[To finally find out how the bowl/horse looks like after the final burning and what I crafted the next week, click here]


10 thoughts on “Crafting Love ~ Pottery + video

  1. Hi Fillandra, this is a very good idea to make your Blissful Pottery videos and share them. I loved the choice of background music and I also love the name “Blissfully Pottery”.
    I haven’t been much online lately but I always read your posts on my mobile at lunch time or when I’m bored at work. Lol!

    I hope you are well. I will try to comment your posts once things settle down on this side here. Too busy with important stuff at the moment. Tell you more later.

    Enjoy your new week. Love & Light from TreeSpirit 🙂

    • Hi dear 🙂
      please don’t pressure yourself about commenting on my posts 😉
      It’s wonderful to hear that my blog is a blissful reading at your dining table or to colour in your working time! 😀

      I’m glad to read from you though. I was a little worried that I could’ve said something wrong in my last answer to you… :p

      When I read you comment I was like “What? The music is finally hearable too? Yaaaay!” Happy moments ^^

      Have a great week ❤

      • Hey Fill, no worries at all. I have been genuinely very busy with work related stuff, which is too personal to explain in a blog.
        Oh yeah.. I always read your posts because I receive email notification so even if I don’t comment/like back I can assure you that I read them all, or at least try.
        It’s now weekend time, so have a good one! 🙂

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